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South By So What 2005

Every year, Austin, Texas, plays host to an official music festival called South By Southwest (but more commonly called SxSW). This festival brings in hundreds of musicians and groups from all over the United States and even from overseas. It's an intense festival with performances running almost non-stop for several days.

This site is about "all the other stuff" -- all unofficial -- that happens around the same time. You can read more about what that means here; but also see the disclaimers below.

Or, well, it's supposed to be ...

But sorry, folks, this year due to work and health problems, I just wasn't able to do the site. Your best bet is to try to pick up a copy of John Conquest's "Third Coast Music" publication, which is available at most record stores and probably most of the non-SxSW venues (see the previous year's list of venues in 2004). Your next best bet is the ads (not the main listings as such) in the Austin Chronicle.

Maybe next year.

Here's a list of what happened in previous years: 2004 and 2003 and 2002. There is also some sparse information about the years previous to 2002.


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